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Feel like your business is making a negative impact on the environment? Click below to get more info on getting a Plastic Neutral Certification for your business. Our team of experts will analyse your business and give you steps to reduce your plastic footprint. At the end of the certification period, we will re-analyse your business's plastic practices and provide you with your certification. 

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Our Plastic Pioneer campaign is the large-scale level of our Plastic Neutral program. Our Plastic Neutral certification allows large companies and corporations to offsets their plastic usage by contributing to recycling resources that will take the equivalent plastic out of the environment. For instance, if your company sold 19.5 million plastic bags a month we would estimate that this is 10 tonnes of plastic being put into the environment. We would then develop a program to support communities to remove the equivalent plastic from the environment.

The Plastic Collective will assist you to

  • Identify your plastic waste footprint
  • Identify communities open to building a partnership
  • Implement and manage the recycling project on site
  • Provide an ongoing management of the program
  • Support your communication efforts with updates

This program will enable you to offset your plastic footprint in a way that empowers communities to change their environment and to change waste into a valuable resource.

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