Make an impact on plastic waste and small communities around the world by joining our #collectivechangemakers campaign. 



Being a Collective Changemaker means that you, or your group, is contributing to changing an entire community in a remote area. Plastic Collective has researched areas with lack of access to recycling facilities, low GDP, and the need for long-term change. This program will set up The Shruder recycling facilities, complete recycling training programs and set up long-term jobs in these communities. The resources created from the recycled plastic can then make household items which can be sold, or even used to build houses in the communities (check out our partnership with NevHouse here). By contributing as a group or individual, you'll be able to make a long-term impact for these communities. 



Is your social group, NGO, or even sports team looking for a way to give back to the world? By working together with Plastic Collective, your impact will go above and beyond just making an impact on the environment. Your group will have a major long-term impact on a remote community that needs help. We often have people contact us without the resources to get our technology set up in their community. This is where groups like yours can help to make projects successful. 

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You can make an difference as an individual right from your home. Become a Collective Changemaker to help us get our recycling technology to these remote communities. Fill in the form below to see what projects we are currently working on, and how you can help them happen.

Also, make sure to check out our Plastic Neutral for Households campaign to see how you can reduce your personal plastic footprint.