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Partnering with NevHouse

by | Oct 18, 2017

NevHouse was founded by Nev Hyman, an entrepreneur with a passion for surfing. With success in the surfboard industry, Nev is now giving back to communities around the world by providing sustainable housing.

NevHouse creates low-cost homes for areas that have been affected by natural disasters. The need for relief is extensive, and NevHouse is working hard to make an impact in these communities. Not only is NevHouse providing housing, but they’re keeping all aspects of life in mind. Solar panels are installed, technology for clean drinking water is included, and little maintenance is needed. These flat-packed houses are built within 2-4 days by trained locals, which creates much-needed jobs within these communities.

Plastic Collective will be partnering with NevHouse in a unique way. By using the end recycled material produced by our Shruder machines, we will be providing NevHouse with materials necessary for building these low-cost homes.

Our current goal is to set up Plastic Collective’s recycling program in Vanuatu, where NevHouse is working to relieve the communities from the impacts of Cyclone Pam.