Plastic Neutral has been developed as a philosophy which can be used by individuals, businesses, organisations, towns and countries.

Plastic Neutral is based on two simple principles:

  • Plastic is a practical and useful material that should be valued as a resource, not discarded as waste.

  • Single-use plastics should be minimised and recycled to reduce the need for new, virgin plastics.


By following these two principles people and communities can achieve ‘plastic waste-free’ status, creating a healthier environment for all involved.   
Plastic Neutral training is suitable for community members, businesses, organisations, households and individuals.


Our workshops are based on one or more of the three pillars, as the solutions to waste plastic epidemic.

● EMPOWER with knowledge and information   ●   INNOVATE with new ideas and designs    ●   CREATE with machinery & tools  

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The purpose of EMPOWER training is to create new attitudes towards plastics from ‘Waste Management’ to ‘Resource Recovery’. Knowledge is key to shift perceptions, particularly by understanding the current global pollution situation, materials science (chemistry of plastics) and solutions for a healthier and cleaner world. Training in efficient collection and sorting of resources is covered in detail through hands-on workshops, which enabling a deeper understanding of the value of plastics being recycled and recovered. 


Armed with material science knowledge of plastics, participants explore new ideas and designs which can be suited to the community needs. The workshops explores potential markets for products and introduces a recycling market platform. Participants are also introduced to essential micro-business skills and sale networks, with the aim to create a circular and economically viable model.


The final stage of training introduces the Shruder machinery and tools necessary to transform waste plastics into resource products. The Shruder machine is a mobile plastic shredding and extruding machine, designed for remote areas and islands (details below). Engineering training covers Shruder machinery components, health and safety, as well as maintenance. Once installed and operational, the participants will develop skills in machinery operations using a range of plastic materials creating the products designed in the previous stage.


We can tailor a Plastic Neutral Workshop to suit your needs….



Individual or household Plastic Neutral training introduces people to 25 things they can do at home which can help save the world from plastic pollution. This training covers important concepts from the EMPOWER unit and know your plastics, which people can use in their everyday life, home and at work. 




Plastic Neutral TRAINING Program

Corporations or businesses can participate in an internal Plastic Neutral waste free assessment of their company.
This will empower management and staff to achieve Plastic Neutral certification from Plastic Collective.

 We will provide your business with a comprehensive waste free strategy to improve productivity and environmental impact of your company.