shruder program


Shruder program aims to Empower-Innovate & Create: Transforming waste plastics into resources.

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The Shruder training program provides small groups with the knowledge and skills to turn waste plastic into saleable products.  By learning the essential chemistry of plastics and their properties, people are able to create micro-businesses within their community, cleaning the environment and also providing products and jobs.  The 6 Step program is delivered by two trained professionals, over a period of 6-7 days. 


Training 1: (Preparation: Empower & Innovate)

Day 1: Collection of materials: clean household/ discarded environmental & data collection

Day 2: Sorting of materials: identifying resin codes, types and properties of plastics

Day 3: Designing products for market & micro-business essentials


Training 2:   (Process: Create)

Day 1: Workshop setup: tools, equipment and Shruder machinery components

Day 2: Shruder operations (shredding and extruding), spooler, nozzles and moulds

Day 3: Product development and extended micro-business development and support

Day 4: 3D printer operation and training (optional extra)




The Shruder-817 is a dual purpose, compact, industrial shredder and extruder, ideal for recycling of used plastics. The function is to shred single-use plastic items,  which can then either be on-sold to a plastic recyclers or extruded into filament or cord to be made into other products.

The Shruder (™) designed by Louise Hardman and manufactured in Coffs Harbour, Australia was adapted from Dave Hakken’s Precious Plastic modular machines in 2016.  Two machines - a shredder and extruder are integrated into one portable unit. Purposely adapted to be easily transportable, the machinery fits into a standard 6x4 trailer and weighs 95kg. This enables access to multiple plastic waste collection points or villages. It can also be powered by either mains power (single phase) or via a renewable solar energy. .

Designed for remote locations the Shruder uses industry standard “off the shelf” components to ensure simplicity of maintenance, long life, reliability and durability.  The system is plug and play with all electrical connectors being uniquely keyed for fail safe connectivity.  The Shruder is engineered with both performance and safety in mind.


The Shruder is capable of shredding 5kg of plastic/hour (1 tonne/ month), and extruding up to 15 km of filament per month.  The Shruder can process raw shredded plastic material and turn it into valuable resources. On top of extrusion cord or filament, the end result can be used to create household recycled items, pavements, and even houses.