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We work with conscious brands to develop high impact plastic action plans, certify them plastic neutral and craft credible communications

Become a plastic neutral brand

We help you become a plastic neutral brand by offsetting the portion of your plastic waste that inevitably leaks into nature and oceans and goes unrecycled into landfill and incineration. This is your “mismanaged” plastic waste.

You offset your mismanaged plastic waste by partnering with a certified plastic recycling project who removes plastic waste from nature and recycles it on your behalf

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Build strategies to use plastic better

We help you build and implement high impact plastic reductions plans that are achievable and affordable.

We understand that plastic better takes time and can be challenging, so we are there to support you all the way.

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Accounting for your plastic footprint

We help you calculate your total plastic footprint and calculate the portion that is likely to leak into nature and oceans and goes unrecycled into landfill and incineration.

When we understand the extend of your mismanaged plastic waste we can then offer a range of affordable strategies to address it.


Craft credible communications

We help you develop a communication strategies to broadcast your plastic sustainability plans and their impact in a credible way, supported by the PC Communication Toolkit.

At all times ensuring your communications comply with the Corporate Guidelines for Plastic Stewardship in order to mitigating risk of greenwashing.


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