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Become a plastic neutral citizen by helping fund a project in a remote and vulnerable community remove plastic from nature and recycle it


Become Plastic Neutral today!

In just one year 396 million metric tonnes of plastic was consumed globally.  That’s an average of 53 kilograms for every person on this earth. Now you can offset an equal amount to your 53kg plastic footprint by making a Pledge to become Plastic Neutral, Plastic Positive or even Plastic Awesome!

Your Pledge will help plastic recycling enterprises and projects in communities struggling with the plastic waste epidemic. The pledge will help run their plastic recycling enterprise with the target to remove 53kg of plastic on your behalf (along with many others), offsetting your plastic footprint and making you Plastic Neutral.

If Plastic Neutral is not enough, you can upgrade your Pledge to become Plastic Positive, or even Plastic Awesome, removing more than your personal share of the global plastic footprint!

How Does Plastic Neutral Work?

Plastic Collective empowers brands to partner with remote and vulnerable communities around the world who operate their own plastic waste collection and recycling enterprises. Projects collect and recycle plastic waste on behalf of brands so brands can offset their plastic footprint and claim to be plastic neutral.

Plastic Collective works with brands to certify the plastic neutral claims they make under the Guidelines for Corporate Plastic Stewardship, providing a range of strategic advise and marketing materials to support a brand sustainability communications plan.

Plastic Collective also requires all of its projects to be certified under the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard, a global framework that regulates the transparency and traceability of plastic collection and recycling projects, plus ensures safeguards for workers and welfare for waste pickers.

We provide the projects with purpose built plastic recycling machinery and technical support. We train the staff and educate the local schools on how to value plastic as a valuable recyclable resource. We create a marketplace for the communities to sell their recycled plastic to global brands for use in their products.

This allows communities to employ local staff to run the plastic collection and recycling enterprises, generating a profit for the good of the community and educating their children and families about the value of reducing single use plastic and recycling higher value plastics.




US$55 per year




Stop plastic waste!

Help remove 53kg of plastic waste
to make you
Plastic Neutral





US$110 per year




Stop plastic waste!

Help remove 106kg of plastic waste
to make you
Plastic Positive





US$220 per year




Don’t stop now!

Help remove 212kg of plastic waste
to make you
Plastic Awesome


Today brands are under extreme pressure from consumers to address the amount of plastic packaging they use and stop plastic waste leaking into the environment and oceans where it becomes plastic pollution and effects climate change.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws are increasingly mandating businesses and their supply chains to take lifetime responsibility for the plastic pollution they create. NGO’s and the media are increasingly calling out businesses that don’t address sustainability, the circular economy and their environmental impact.

So what can businesses do about the plastic problem?

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