Christmas Time, COVID-19,
and How to Avoid the Excessive Plastic!

Plastic Collective Reducing Pollution Through ‘Plastic Neutral Citizenship’ Gifts

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration. It’s a time when family comes together to share gifts, stories and laughter. This year’s Christmas however, will be a little more difficult than previous years. With family spread across the world, coming together might look a little different. Whether you Zoom Christmas lunch or make a few extra calls, it is normal to feel  disconnected this year. Despite all this, there’s still the stress of thinking of presents, buying gifts, and working out how you’ll deliver them. We all know Christmas comes with the extra delay in delivery times, but we now have to incorporate COVID-19’s impact on arrival dates. Some of these things are simply out of our control. But there is one problem you can tick off the list this Christmas; Plastic Waste!

Plastic Pollution as we know, is still a huge global environmental problem. With more than 8 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, it is hard to see how our individual efforts will make a difference. Although many people  refuse single use plastics such as; plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws and cutlery, we’ve found ourselves amongst even bigger piles of single-use plastics. We’re now surrounded by wrapping paper, ribbons, plastic packaging, bubble wrap, cellophane, baubles, and decorations. Christmas time has now become plastic waste-free citizens biggest fear. However, much like our other single-use products, there are alternatives and solutions!

Plastic Neutral Citizenship

Plastic neutral is a term that refers to a constant state of NOT contributing to society plastic waste and pollution . Today, it is somewhat of a challenge to completely stop individual use of plastic. Plastic products and materials are everywhere and despite our best efforts we can’t always avoid it. That’s why Plastic Collective has designed a system in which you can purchase or gift a ‘pledge’ aimed at removing plastic waste from the environment. This pledge states: Plastic Collective will remove 53kg of plastic (the global average of an individual’s annual consumption of plastic) from the environment on your behalf, making you a ‘Plastic Neutral Citizen’. 

Plastic Collective has diverse international  community projects aimed at tackling plastic pollution in their vicinity. We not only clean our environment from discarded plastic, but also; empower communities through education and training, support economic opportunities through micro-enterprise recycling facilities, provide a marketplace for valuable recycled plastics, and help create new products from ocean and environment recycled plastics. 

At Plastic Collective we know the stress you might encounter this Christmas, but we’re here to help. We offer ‘Plastic Neutral Citizenship’, as well as ‘Plastic Positive’ and ‘Plastic Awesome’ Citizenship to empower your inner environmental hero! Gift a Pledge today!

Plastic Free Gift Ideas

Plastic free and DIY gifts are not as hard as you might think. Not to mention, giving is becoming easier as regifting is now seen as a trendy way to repurpose our items! Old phones are now being gifted as teenagers’ first mobiles when they head off to highschool, and secondhand clothing is reinvented to ‘vintage’ antiques. Gift cards, combined with zero waste starter kits are a great way to show anyone how well you know them and encourage them to transform their life to make more plastic conscious decisions.

Plastic Waste-Free Gifts for Kids

  • Second hand video games and consoles 
  • Design your own board game with rules
  • Take them to the Zoo or a local museum
  • ‘Craft Kit’ made out of recycled and repurposed items
  • DIY LEGO blocks or giant Jenga (come on Dad, get the tools out for this one!)
  • Plant growth kits
  • Ailefo organic modelling clay

Plastic Waste-Free Gifts for Her

  • DIY self home spa kit and candles
  • Remedial Massage or Spa voucher
  • Night away in the county or city 
  • Recycled ocean plastic Jewelry
  • Jade face rollers and dermal needles
  • Reusable coffee cups and tupperware 
  • Plants and pots

Plastic Waste-Free Gifts for Him

  • Carved wood BBQ set
  • An audible subscription or digital subscription (spotify, netflix etc)
  • Vivobarefoot shoes
  • A camping or 4WD adventure
  • Skydiving, parasailing or bungee jumping voucher (for the thrill seeker!) 
  • Reusable metal shaver and shave balm bar
  • Hemp clothing (AFENDS)

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