Eco 100 Project

Mentoring EcoWarriors.... The 'Stewards of Our Environment'


What is ECO100?

Launched in February, 2017 in Coffs Harbour, Eco100 is community sponsored project that
provides waste collection equipment for 100+ Eco-warriors within the local region.  

Eco100 encourages envronmentally conscious businesses to sponsor litter collection
equipment and education programs, as well as cleanup days at local events, such as CurryFest.




Eco100 Cleanup Moonee

The first Eco100 Cleanup day was held on Saturday, 29th April, sponsored by Moonee Tavern. 

A number of volunteers met at 9am, dispersed through Moonee and collected over 50 kg of litter from Moonee Creek and surrounds. 

After the cleanup, festivites included Kids games, local musicians and stalls displaying Zero Waste options.

Local businesses sponsored equipment and tools, plus donating ovr 20 prizes for the raffles.



Sponsored Volunteers


Solitary Underwater Research Group

"Thank you for your support of our Clean Up Australia Day event, held on 5 March 2017 at Coffs Creek. A total of 32 people took part in the event, most of them SURG members. We collected 30 bags of rubbish weighing a total of 1.2 ton, including lots of plastics. 

As well as removing debris that would otherwise have ended up in our beautiful ocean, we also collected data for two scientific projects; an ongoing marine debris project, and a new project looking at the impacts of the upcoming container deposit scheme. 

Your sponsorship of SURG, through The Pacific Collective’s ECO 100 program provided equipment that we used yesterday. The equipment was very popular with participants and made our job a lot easier, thank you. We will be using this equipment in future SURG activities so your sponsorship will have ongoing positive consequences for our environment. Thank you - Nicola Fraser". (President of SURG). Photos: Top left by Tom Mair, other photos by Nicola Fraser. 




Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare 

"12 keen volunteers attended Clean Up Australia day, 5th March, at Diggers Beach this year. They were pleased to be equipped with waste collection kits from the Pacific Collective. 

As it had rained the night before, the grabbers made picking up rubbish a lot easier in the damp conditions. Organiser Jude Turner said that although they picked up about 12 bags full of rubbish and recyclables, the amount was considerably less than 2 years ago. 

There are a number of locals who regularly pick up rubbish on their daily walks, and there also seems to have been less dumping of household items, cartons of bottles and other waste. 

Having said that, it is still disappointing that people throw their takeaway refuse away and drop cigarette butts at this beautiful beach without a care for the environment and other people who use the beach.” - Jude Turner, CHRL President.



Victoria and her young Eco-warriors

16/3/17 - "After an inside day today, we decided to venture off to the library this morning. 

Armed with their newly acquired tools (thanks Eco100), we took our route via Coffs Creek. 

The boys were amazed at how little rubbish there was but then we realised it had been washed downstream with the heavy rain yesterday. Still we managed to retrieve this cache. 

Tools worked a treat & bag hung really well on the back of the pram" - Victoria's House Family Day Care