We deliver transformative plastic education programs

We believe in the principle that if something has value, it no longer becomes rubbish. Our educational and training programs, that are delivered through schools, community groups and government, are built around this principle. We encourage plastic to be seen as a precious resource that shouldn’t be thrown away and to eliminate single use plastic, substitute plastic use and circulate what you must use.

Plastic Collective has developed 8 modules which cover Plastic Education, Project Preparation, Enterprise Essentials and Resource Recovery Training, as outlined below;


MODULE 1: Plastic Collective System

An introduction to the essential components Plastic Collective has developed to establish resource recovery and recycling programs.  

In addition, the global movements and historical events that have led to the development of the PC system.

MODULE 2: Global Plastic Crisis

Covers the fundamental factors causing the global plastic problem including air, water plus soil pollution caused from plastic waste. Explores the relationship between waste, resources and pollution.  

MODULE 3: Local Community

Provides skills and knowledge to develop local action plans to reduce plastic consumption and eliminate waste, includes mapping tools and programs for individuals for a waste-free society, through the Hierachy of Capture points.

MODULE 4: Materials Knowledge

Learn about materials as nutrients, and the fundamental chemistry of thermoplastics, how to identify them and understand the physical and mechanical properties of different plastics.


MODULE 5a: Project Preparation

Managers will cover the essential modelling, planning and preparation requirements to setup the Resource Recovery programs, including site, staff and equipment requirements.

MODULE 5b: Enterprise Essentials

Develop skills to understand, manage and operate economically viable micro-enterprises in plastic resource recovery businesses within their communities.


MODULE 6: Recovery Operations

 Includes  establishing collection areas, setting up essential equipment and community education and delivery operations.

MODULE 7: Concentration Operations

All operational procedures including sorting plus preparing plastic materials for processing. How to use different equipment including baling, shredding and granulating machinery, tools and PPE.

MODULE 8: Recycling Operations

Remoulding operational procedures, equipment and safety requirements working with plastics, including extrusion and compression moulding.

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