Global Good Collective becomes Plastic Neutral

by Jun 22, 2020

Plastic Collective is proud to announce that Global Good Collective has become certified Plastic Neutral with their plastic packaging for their new product range – Bamboo toiletry paper.  

To become Plastic Neutral, Global Good Collective has joined a growing number of companies using Plastic Credits who purchase plastic credits equivalent to the weight of their plastic packaging footprint. Plastic Credits directy fund the collection of plastic across Plastic Collective’s portfolio of community recycling programs throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Global Good Collective was founded up by a group of Australian and Kiwi entrepreneurs who wanted sustainable toilet paper available on supermarket shelves. 

Traditional toilet paper sees millions and millions of trees that are 15 years or older cut down to be used in a flush. Recycled toilet paper is eco-friendly, but it’s just not comfortable to use. Bamboo is the perfect alternative. 

“The end product is super soft and strong and the bamboo we use is the fastest growing plant on earth. It can grow up to 90cm/day so when we trim it, 12 months later the same plant has fully regrown and is ready to be trimmed again.” Global Good Collective Director Peter van Deek says.

Prior to Global Good Collective purchasing Plastic Credit, they conducted a rigorous process to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic used within their business.  However, they still need to package the toilet paper in plastic to avoid moisture penetration. Given their strong sustainability positioning, Global Good Collective felt it essential to address the use of plastic in their packaging.

“We knew that we needed to be authentic in creating a more sustainable product and that meant bringing in the best partners we could find. That led us to Plastic Collective who are the best at what they do. Their commitment to removing plastic and empowering remote communities was totally aligned to what we wanted our brand to stand for. They have been fantastic to work with.” says Peter van Beek.

Global Good Collective are now successfully selling their product exclusively in Woolworths using Plastic Neutral branding.

Woolworths shared our vision to make sustainability accessible in store – their commitment to the cause is absolutely apparent at every level so they have been amazing to work with.”
–  Peter van Beek

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