How to Reduce your Plastic Footprint

by Oct 20, 2020

Plastic pollution is a huge environmental issue affecting our world today. It is becoming harder to avoid plastic packaging, material and products in our everyday lives. Plastic consumption has expedited over the past decade, with more than 8 million metric tons of plastic waste ending up in our oceans every year. By the year 2050, this number is expected to multiply by 10. So what can we do? 

Here at the Plastic Collective, we have devised and categorised simple ways in which everyone as an individual can help reduce their plastic footprint. From opting for reusable products to transforming the ‘normal’ way of living into a zero waste lifestyle.

To help you reduce your Plastic Footprint, we have created My Plastic Plan, an online structured guide that helps you implement your plastic reduction activity.  You can access My Plastic Plan by signing up to our Plastic Neutral, Positive or Awesome programs. Click here to read more.


1.  Refuse single use plastics as much as possible.

2.  Go “top less” and refuse the plastic lid on your disposable coffee cups at cafes. 

3.  Choose to go without a plastic straw when buying drinks or bring a reusable one.

4.  Invest in a good drink bottle to avoid single-use plastic water bottles.

5.  Refuse single use plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic cutlery and other food items.

6.  Avoid cosmetic products with microplastics or microbeads.

7.  Return soft plastics to collection points in supermarkets and your designated states Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

Plastic Neutral


1.  Ditch the cling wrap and substitute beeswax wraps or aluminium foil instead. 

2.  Invest in some good cloth bags for vegetables and loose items at supermarkets and grocery stores.

3.  Always remember to bring your own bags when shopping.

4.  Opt for using your own containers at takeout and fast food restaurants. 

5.  Ask for food such as sushi without the plastic wrap

6.  Replace disposable coffee cups with travel mugs and glass bottles

7.  Report litter or littering.

8.  Become Plastic Neutral.

Plastic Positive

1.  Invest in biodegradable phone cases, accessories and other products.

2.  Reduce overall plastic usage by substituting for glass jars as food storage and household organisers. 

3.  Make your own toothpaste, soaps and body wash.

4.  Opt for shampoo and condition ‘bars’ instead of plastic bottles.

5.  Replace sponges and clothes with stainless steel scrubbers for cleaning to avoid producing microplastics. 

6.  “Take 3 for the sea” and participate in local clean ups.

7.  Buy second hand or recycled materials for everyday use such as; stationary, kitchenware and clothes.

8.  Become Plastic Positive.

Plastic Awesome

1.  Host your own beach clean ups in your local area.

2.  Refuse the purchase of plastic products and instead make your own products, toys and furniture out of recycled material.

3.  Become Plastic Neutral

4.  Encourage, protest and petition corporations, businesses and companies to remove plastic packing and replace their plastic products with recycled material. 

5.  Transform your business by becoming Plastic Neutral Certified by purchasing Plastic Credits.

6.  Transform yourself and make the pledge to My Plastic Plan and begin your plastic free lifestyle.

There is great empowerment when we make environmentally conscious decisions and choose to refuse and reduce plastic. The plastic pollution epidemic can feel like an overwhelming problem, however, making these small, yet necessary changes to our everyday lives has a huge impact and is something you should be proud of.

On behalf of the Plastic Collective, we congratulate you on your efforts to help save the environment. 

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