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by Jul 18, 2019

Issue 3 | July, 2019


Hi everyone,

Over the last few months we have been very busy working with the local community of Les Village in Northern Bali to deliver two training programsand implement their Plastic Resource Recovery program.

Sponsored by TJK Maxx and in partnership with Sea Communities, Earthwatch Australia and Professor Steve Smith, their recovery centre has affectionately been named ‘The Shruder Workshop’. The role of the machines is to recover waste plastic in the community and transform it into saleable and practical resources.

Below are a few of the highlights of our visits to Les Village that I’d like to share with you, including important visitors eager to see the program in action!


Preparation: Shruder Workshop

2018 Before (top left) – plastic burning at Waste site  2019 After (top right) – Plastic resources collected and sorted

Delivery of the Shruders

The Shruders arrived in Bali in early March, but due to delays at customs, were released 3 weeks later thanks to the tireless efforts of Garri, Mark and Louise. When finally cleared, the two Shruder machines were fitted neatly onto a shipping pallet and lifted onto the back of a small truck for the 3 hour trip from Denpasar. The machines, tools and equipment were safely delivered to the Shruder Workshop on March 25th, much to the delight of everyone!

Welcoming Ceremony

Balinese people love celebrations and we were honoured to be part of the Shruder Workshop blessings and ceremonial welcome. Beautiful traditional dance groups and an enthusiastic Gamelan band entertained while the local women arranged food and flower blessings in the workshop and on the Shruders. The local priest blessed the project managers and major stake-holders.

Blessings performed, speeches followed.  Garri Bernal, Sea Communities Co-Founder, Gede Susila (Village Chief), Louise Hardman (Plastic Collective Founder), Drew Berkel (Australian Consulate representative) and other local dignitaries gave thanks and shared words of welcome.  The day was colourful and inspiring.

Training – Collection & Sorting

With the set up of the Shruder Workshop complete and blessings received, it was time to start training. A household collection system trialed prior to our arrival provided the quantities of material we needed to get started.

Over the next 4 days we shared our knowledge of sorting and preparing of plastic materials for shredding and expanded on collection methods. We identified local challenges and provided solutions. We explored the material science of plastic, identifying the different types and learning their properties.

The crew was eager to learn the essentials of reprocessing plastic and were well prepared for the for their next stage of training.

Design, Remoulding & Sales

Our engineer Mark Wolf delivered training to the crew, covering all machinery components of the Shruder, safety compliance and operational procedures for shredding.

Louise delivered “Know your Plastics”, an essential safety component of the remoulding*  and extrusion training. The group successfully and safely created filament, moulded new items and experimented with plastic welding.

*Remoulding plastics should not be attempted without proper training. The Waste facility at Les Village was setup near a river that runs down the mountain to the sea. It provided a place for people to drop and burn their plastics and organics in an open pit. In working closely with Sea Communities and educating village leaders on the toxicity of plastic fumes, it was decided that they would stop burning the plastic and start recycling instead.

Generous funding from TJK Maxx for the Plastic Collective program provided the recycling solution they needed, and the Australian Consulate in Bali granted Les Village the remaining funds to build the lockable facility to house the workshop. A roof was constructed, the burning was stopped and the Shruder workshop planning began. While Plastic Collective advised in the planning and design layout, Garri and his team got busy building.

Special Guests – ATASDA 

Two inspiring groups, the Australian Textile and Surface Design Association (ATASDA) and the local Balinese women of Les, came together at Les Village (Segara Lestari) to share ideas, techniques and stories. They openly shared knowledge and explored ideas for upcyling waste into woven items, baskets and other handicrafts.

Special Guests – Consulate General
& TJK Maxx

Anthea Griffin (top left) following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Dr Helena Studdert, visited Les Village within a week of starting her new position in Bali as Australian Consulate-General. Helena was a wonderful ambassador and supporter of our program, empowering communities and protecting the environment. We are heartened by Antheas attendance and genuine interest in the program and look forward to engaging with her further.  

Jo Murphy (bottom right), from TJK Maxx, also visited Les Village, travelling all the way from the UK! We are so grateful to Jo and TJK Maxx for their generous support and sponsorship of the entire project!  Thank you for making the Shruder Workshop in Les Village a reality!

Become a Sponsor

Our Partnership Program connects communities with companies, like TJK Maxx, who are committed to supporting practical economic and environmental solutions for a healthier, cleaner world through social responsibility and sustainability goals. A sponsored Shruder program for a community like Les Village, struggling with plastic waste issues will provide the machinery, tools and educational training needed to create real economic opportunity and reduce plastic pollution in remote, disadvantaged regions.

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