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NSW Governor meets Plastic Collective Crew

by Mar 12, 2018

His Excellency, Hon David Hurley and his wife, Mrs Hurley were hosted for 2 hours by Coffs Harbour business Plastic Collective on Thursday.   Louise Hardman, Founder of Plastic Collective, presented and demonstrated the training programs and machinery which are recycling waste plastics into resources for communities.   While Mark Wolf, Chief Engineer, explained all the unique adaptations and features of the Shruder machine and why it was a much-needed application for remote areas.   Hon. Hurley and Mrs Hurley were fascinated with the Shruder machinery, even shredding bottles caps while Louise demonstrated the remoulding of the processed bottlecaps. 
They described the entire Shruder program as ‘a brilliant idea’.  Mrs Hurley, herself a keen recycler was keen to learn about all aspects of the program.  Finishing the day off with an inspirational sing-along.

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