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Pilot Training with Ecobarge Clean Seas

by Mar 24, 2018

Our first Shruder training days – Empower and Innovate – was held at Ecobarge Clean Seas newly renovated ‘Ocean Trash Recycling Shack’, Airlie Beach Whitsundays.

This inspiring and dedicated team, guided by Libby Edge and Fiona Broadbent, and their wonderful volunteers – remove trash from the stunning Whitsunday Islands in a barge.

To date Ecobarge crew have collected over 175 Tonnes in a few years.   They also operate a turtle rescue center, where over 80 marine turtles have been rescued so far.

On top of all this great work, they are also building an environmental education center for schools and groups to learn about plastic pollution and how to keep our wildlife and oceans safe.

The addition of the Shruder program will be incorporated as full circular economy model, where they can recycle their ocean waste as well as their own household materials.

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