Certify your brand plastic neutral to stop the plastic waste epidemic


Pledge to become a plastic neutral brand and make environmental impact immediately.
Plastic neutral certification is easier than you think. We can show you how!


How plastic neutral certification works

Your brand can be certified plastic neutral in five simple steps:

  1. We verify your plastic footprint in tonnes of plastic used per year.
  2. We advise strategies for you to use plastic better.
  3. We arrange a partnership between you and our projects who collect and recycle plastic waste on your behalf.
  4. You buy plastic credits from the project partner equivalent to your plastic footprint.
  5. You are certified plastic neutral as you have collected and recycled plastic waste equivalent to your plastic footprint.

Partner with high impact projects


Your project partner is carefully vetted, monitored and independently audited to ensure they make the environmental impact you require.

All projects are certified under the globally recognised Verra Plastic Waste Reduction Standard so they operate in compliance with a strict set of operational procedures, accounting standards and worker safeguards. All projects are independently audited every year to ensure ongoing compliance.

Telling your plastic sustainability story

Your Plastic Neutral Certification lets you clearly and credibly promote your status as a sustainable plastic brand.

We have a structured program to walk you through the Corporate Guidelines for Plastic Stewardship so you can build a green-wash-free marketing and communications strategy including claims, media materials and best practises. We also provide you an extensive Communications Toolkit so your in house marketing team can execute an effective and affordable marketing program.

The Global Plastic Problem

"Only 9% of Global Plastics are Recycled"

When China banned the importation of plastic waste, recycling rates globally  declined.
US rates dropped to 5%.

–’Plastic Recycling facts and statistics, World Economic Forum (2022) & Recycling rate of plastic products in China (2020)   

"Decomposition of plastic in the marine environment can take up to 600 years"

Nylon fishing line and nets will take 600 years to breakdown, while PET drink bottles and disposable diapers take 450 years. And thin plastic bags take 20 years to decompose.

– ‘Decomposition rates of marine debris’ (2018) US National Administration Marine Debris Program

"99% of plastic in the ocean is going missing"

Research studies have shown that much of the plastic waste that enters the ocean is disappearing into the water column, deep trenches and embedded into the sea floor. As plastics sink, they smother coral reefs and other habitats spreading pathogens and causing death of marine life. 

– ‘Ninety-nine percent of ocean plastics has gone missing’  Science (2020)

"A plastic bag is the deepest known piece of discarded plastic found in the Mariana Trench at 10,975m (36,000 ft)"

Recent studies in the deep ocean found that plastics were the most prevalent material identified and plastic bags make up the largest source of plastic trash. 

–’Plastic Bag Found at the Bottom of Worlds Deepest Trench, National Geographic (2022) 

The benefits of becoming Plastic Neutral

Take Control of

your Plastic Waste

Being Plastic Neutral means you have a net zero impact on plastic waste entering the environment and plastic being unrecycled.

Make Immediate

Environmental Impact

By partnering with a recycling project they can get to work immediately removing plastic from the environment on your behalf.

Send a Clear Message

to your Consumers

Show your consumers that you are taking responsibility for the plastic you use so they can enjoy your product knowing it does not negatively impact the environment.

Case Study:

Pacifica Beauty Cosmetic Company


Pacifica Beauty has built its successful cosmetic range around the principle of doing the right thing for the environment.

 As a brand we’ve been very focused on reducing the amount of plastic we use, plus incorporated recycled plastic into our packaging at every opportunity. But sometimes we just can’t avoid using virgin plastic and this really concerns us, so we wanted to do more.

Since 2021 we have partnered with the Asase Project in Ghana Africa to help them expand their activities to collect and recycle plastic waste from this high leakage area. Through Asase, we support their team of female waste pickers who have been lifted out of poverty and stop plastic waste entering the oceans. Through our partnership, every year we support the collection and recycling of plastic equivalent to the amount we use as a brand.


Brook Harvey-Taylor

Founder and CEO, Pacifica Beauty

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