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Gili Air

Daur Project





Gili Air is one of 3 small islands located off the Northwest coast of Lombok. Plastic pollution is evident right across the island and in the surrounding waters threatening the health of coral reefs and the spectacular marine life. With a high tourist influx, the island lacks resources to recover the plastic waste generated by locals and tourists, as shipping bulky lightweight material to the mainland is costly. The rubbish is mostly burnt around the households or dumped in a central site where cows and other animals forage in the mixed waste.


DAUR Foundation, our local partner on the ground in Gili Air, actively supports locals helping to create alternative income sources by selling recycled, ethical products, made from local waste. DAUR provides education and training programs for local youth and women’s groups and has a vision to expand further plastic recycling activities in West Lombok. The aim is to decrease plastic waste while increasing livelihoods. With support, Plastic Collective can deliver a Shruder machine, tools and working with plastics training required for a complete onsite plastic processing plant.


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