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Gizo Island


Western Province




Gizo, in the Solomon Islands is the hub around which the Western Province revolves. Plasticwise Gizo started a cooperative group of weavers on the islands of Ghizo where 7,000 people live. This area is the central hub for the Solomon Islands western province.  With little to no waste management, this dedicated group work towards creating solutions to waste. 


As part of the Networks for Sustainable Environment, the group only works with 15 local NGOs and UN Women and was recognized by the Australian organization Plasticwise as its first international branch in August 2017. Now, Plasticwise Gizo is looking for donations and funding for their activities. The financial part is just one of the challenges Solomon faces in the near future.   A Shruder program would increase their income and enable them to transform waste to resources with appropriate equipment and knowledge sharing.

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