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Kei Islands

Tual State Fisheries Polytechnic

Yual/ Langgur
Maluku Province




Kei Islands are located in south-eastern Indonesia in Maluku Province. The major area of urbanisation is in the twin cities of Tual and Langgur. While there is growing awareness of the need for careful waste management to minimise leakage into marine habitats, recent surveys indicate that debris densities on beaches in the urban centre are amongst the highest documented globally. Excellent waste management infrastructure is available but only a small proportion of waste makes it to the facility.


A new waste management facility already exists, however the challenge in Tual/Langgur is to optimise waste collection systems and empower the local communities to see value in the program. By working with the local government to establish collection and locating smaller recycling units to operate as new creative business opportunities, our partnership with Tual State Fisheries Polytechnic will significantly increase the amount of waste processed.

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