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Les Village

The Shruder Workshop

North Bali




Les Village is located on the northern coastline of Bali, 45 minutes east of Singaraja. The village is home to mostly fishermen, salt farmers and their families. Tourism is low compared to the more populated southern region. In the past, cyanide fishing and reef bombing devastated the coral reef and fish populations, affecting the livelihoods of the entire region. Likewise, the lack of waste collection results in the majority of plastics being burnt around the houses, thrown into rivers or randomly dumped. The majority of this waste is then washed into the ocean during the heavy rain season.


Established as a coral reef restoration project through ‘volun-tourism’ in 2012, Sea Communities evolved into a community engagement and capacity building enterprise which empowers village members and visitors alike with programs including literacy, marine conservation and resource recovery. In April 2019, the Shruder Resource Recovery program funded by TK Maxx (UK), was delivered and included 2 Shruder machines, tools and working with plastics training, resulting in the development of a micro-enterprise onsite plastic recycling workshop.


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