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Mantanani Island

Mantanani Plastic Recycling Centre

Sabah (Borneo)




Mantanani Island, located 30km northwest of Sabah, has a population of 1000 locals and 22 resorts. The main industries are fisheries and increasingly tourism. As there are no cars or transport on the small tropical island, waste materials are either burnt, thrown directly into the sea or left on the beaches for the free-roaming cattle to eat. Plastic pollution dominates the white beaches and the intertidal zone of the large coral lagoon, harming all marine life and affecting local community health.


Reef Check is a scientifically based organisation that assesses and supports the health of coral reefs globally. The Malaysia branch has established a team in Mantanani Is. that is working with the local community to develop capacity building skills, including literacy, environmental education and resource recovery. After establishing Mantanani Is. Plastic Recycling Centre, Reef Check received sponsorship from Coca-Cola Malaysia to deliver the mobile Shruder program. Delivered in April, 2019 they aim to produce materials for the locals and sell shred for profit.


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