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Peripho Doro






Mataram region is composed of many small villages in the forested regions of Lombok Island. The stunning mountains and rivers are inundated with waste plastic, as no collection systems exist in these remote areas. The plastics cause numerous problems including flooding of roads from blocked drains, polluting rivers and littering beaches where tourists visit. Following the Lombok earthquake in 2018, many buildings were badly damaged, unemployment rose and many businesses were left struggling.


Alwan and Amrul, two young men from Peripho Doro, started a micro-enterprise in recycling soft plastics. Guided by their innovative father who saw the excessive litter as an unused resource, the group established a small plastics recovery centre, making bricks, pavers, oil and grease for their community. After Louise met with them recently, it was decided they had a fantastic program in need of a proper workshop (see picture – current workshop in background) and a Shruder program to create jobs and income for the innovative group.

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