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Tioman Island

Cintai Tioman Program

Malaysia Peninsula




Tioman Island is located 32km off the east coast of Malaysia Peninsula. Along with 7 surrounding smaller islands, this region has been declared a Marine Protected Area. There are 7 villages with a local population of 3000.  With a tourist population of 200,000 per year, this island experiences enormous pressure on their infrastructure and waste management services. Waste on the island is either burnt or dumped, with minimal recycling of any plastics.


Reef Check is a scientifically based organisation that assesses and supports the health of coral reefs globally. Their work with the Cintai Tioman Program is an integrated approach to assist in increasing the ecological and social resilience of the Island of Tioman. From activities on coral reef rehabilitation to community-based engagements, Cintai Tioman aims to help reduce the impact of human activities on coral reefs around Tioman Island, empowering the local communities to get involved in the management and conservation of their islands resources.  The addition of a Shruder Resource Recovery program would be a beneficial solution, turning the islands plastic waste into income generating resources.

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