Jeremy Sheehan
'Transmigration/ Rise & Fall'

Coffs Harbour

Project costs $55,000                   

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Location:    30.2986° S, 153.1094° E

Population:   70,000

Featured area:   Solitary Islands Marine Park (7 uninhabited islands)

Wedge-tailed Shearwater nesting population:  Muttonbird Island  

Main supply town:   Coffs Harbour

Origin of coastal waste:   Surrounding regions, towns and estuaries

jeremy's PROJECTs:   

Transmigration: A project about Ocean Plastic & Seabirds, involving 22 Pacific Islands, Coffs Harbour TAFE Students and presented at Sculptures by the Sea (2015) 

Rise & Fall: 'Rise and Fall', Small Ocean Collaboration with Jeremy Sheehan. Carvings by artists across the Pacific are recreated in sand. As they fall and decay like artefacts of other cultures a modern counterpart rises from a 3D printer like the changing physical and social environment before us.


Coffs Harbour, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Active groups/ individuals involved:  

Jeremy Sheehan is an extrodinary socioenviro-artist, teacher and mentor, based in Coffs Harbour.  Twice finalist in the Sculptures by the Sea, where his art works were focused on marine debris, cultural loss and climate change.

Main problem:

People need to understand the big picture: seeing, thinking, and feeling more about the world around us.  In particular the most pressing issues of our time, climate change, plastic pollution and loss of culture.


Art enables people to see, think and feel leading to deeper understanding, questioning and change.  Jeremy will keep inspiring his students and the entire community with his powerful artworks based on marine debris, cultural loss and climate change, Jeremy is determined to incorporate the Shruder program and 3D printing into his creative ventures.

How the Shruder program will help: 

A Shruder machine and 3D Brinks printer will enable Jeremy and his students to setup a collection of plastic waste materials, which can be transformed into 3D printer filament for use in a state-of-the-arts #D printer, ensuring all waste materials will be recycled as a closed loop system.  This materials will inspire a new generation of artist to empower change through art.

An upcoming events:

Sculptures by the Sea 2018