Re:Purpose for Good


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Contact: Sara Rickards (Founder) Re-purpose for Good


Re:Purpose for Good


Sydney, Australia

Active groups/ individuals involved:

Sara (biomedical scientist & environmental engineer), Geraroo (robotics & prosthetics) , Cyn (an industrial designer, mechatronics engineer) Belinda (sustainability expert and communications specialist) and Caitlin (media & communication specilist). 

Main problem:  

8 million metric tons of plastic enters the oceans every year, and we believe we need to change the perception about the value of plastic waste - in order for this to stop happening.

With more than 20,000 amputees living in Australia - we want to create recycled plastic prosthetics in an attempt to also decrease the cost of a prosthetics from a few thousand dollars to just a few hundred dollars.


3D print a prosthetic out of waste - and look at developing ways for others to do the same in addition to the design and development of  other useful items.

How the Shruder program will help: 

The machinery & program will allow us to focus on the design of the prosthetics, instead of building the precious plastic machines ourselves. Additionally the program will allow us to use the machine to educate children and adults about the value of waste and how to make valuable resources - out of waste.

An upcoming events: 

Estimated arrival for the first prototype Leg is the 1st April.

PROJECT COSTS:   $40,000