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Hardware infrastructure

and equipment

We provide communities with an innovative package of technologies, machinery, training and support that enables them to establish a profitable plastic recycling micro-enterprise.

Onsite recycling hardware can include shredders, granulators, balers, extruders, compression moulders and generators.  Through the use of our proprietary mobile Shruder Recycling Stations, we design and develop tailored solutions for communties to recover, concentrate and recycle a range of plastic materials, creating new materials, jobs and products.

Digital Software for
Monitoring and Compliance

This allows communities to connect with verifiable supply chains through local and global markets and provides end to end solutions for brand partners to track plastic material right through the value chain.  By forming partnerships with communities, the software provides provenance tracking and certified ethical and environmental compliance within the programs. The digital infrastructure includes:

  • Integrated software
  • Tailored technologies
  • Ethical and Environmental monitoring and compliance data
  • Value chain tracking

Issuance of Plastic Credit Certificates

For projects that are validated to sell plastic credits, the verification of Plastic Credit compliance is issued for materials recovered and /or recycled through the system with a certification.

To provide provenance tracking, at shipment the recycled materials are accompanied by a Plastic Credit Certificate verifying the origin.

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