Anyone and everyone can become Plastic Neutral
Individuals, Businesses and Groups


In just one year, 396 million metric tonnes of plastic was consumed globally.  That’s an average of 53 kilograms for every person on this earth. Now you can offset your 53kg plastic footprint by making a Pledge to become Plastic Neutral, Plastic Positive or even Plastic Awesome! 

Your Pledge will help fund the setup of plastic recycling micro-enterprises in remote and vulnerable communities struggling with the plastic waste epidemic. These communities will will target the collection of 53kg of plastic waste on your behalf, offsetting your plastic footprint and making you Plastic Neutral.

If Plastic Neutral is not enough, you can upgrade your Pledge to become Plastic Positive, or even Plastic Awesome, removing more than your personal plastic footprint!

We’ll also send you a Plastic Neutral, Plastic Positive or Plastic Awesome Certificate to recognise your Pledge.

Plus we will give you access to My Plastic Plan, our online portal to help you become a better plastic citizen.


US$55 per year

[AUD$78, GBP£44, EUR€49]

Stop plastic waste!

Help remove and upcycle 53kg of plastic waste to make you Plastic Neutral


US$110 per year

[AUD$156, GBP£88, EUR€98]

Want to do more?

Help remove and upcycle 106kg of plastic waste to make you Plastic Positive


US$220 per year

[AUD$312, GBP£176, EUR€196]

Don’t stop now!

Help remove and upcycle 212kg of plastic waste to make you Plastic Awesome


Plastic Collective has developed an innovative plastic offset program similar to the highly successful carbon offset programs, enabling business small and large to become Plastic Neutral.

Our three step Plastic Neutral program for businesses starts with a detailed assessment of your business’s plastic consumption in order to establish your total plastic footprint.

Next, we propose a plastic reduction strategy that helps you reduce your plastic consumption in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Finally, we develop a plastic offset program whereby the balance of your plastic footprint (after reductions) is offset against Plastic Collective’s projects that will remove and upcycle a volume of plastic waste from the environment.

By following the New Plastic Economy* principles, our program provides key strategies to allow companies to eliminate harmful plastics, substitute unsustainable ones and circulate those which can be effectively recycled. This will create a zero plastic-to-landfill plan, with the remainder being able to be offset similar to Carbon credits.



If you are an organisation, club, school, association or any group of concerned citizen, you can make a collective pledge on behalf of each member of your group or business. Your Plastic Neutral Pledge will go to help fund the setup of a plastic recycling micro-enterprise in a remote and vulnerable community* that will collect and upcycle 53kg of single-use plastic on behalf of each person in your group.

If your plastic offset is big enough, we can even dedicate your group as the sponsoring partner of an entire community!

How Does this Work?

Plastic Collective empowers remote and vulnerable communities around the world to create and operate their own plastic recycling micro-enterprises. We provide purpose built plastic recycling machinery and technical support. We train the staff and educate the local schools on how to value plastic as a valuable recyclable resource. We create a marketplace for the communities to sell their recycled plastic to global brands for use in their products. 

This allows communities to employ local staff to run the resource recovery micro-enterprises, generating a profit for the good of the community and educating their children and families about the value of reducing single use plastic and recycling higher value plastics.

We currently have submissions from over 50 remote and vulnerable communities around the world who want to take control of their plastic epidemic, keep their communities clean and improve the health of their towns, rivers and oceans by establishing their own plastic recycling micro-enterprises. 

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