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SEA of Solutions – Plastic Collective’s Contribution

by Jan 15, 2021

SEA of Solutions is a globally recognized partnership event targeting plastic pollution. The event was originally organised by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA), through the SEA circular project. Past events have seen over 500 delegates from more than 35 countries, including leaders in government, business, innovation, science and conservation to join the conversation on marine plastic pollution and solutions.

The November 2020 event addressed several global environmental issues including; the illegal trade in plastic waste, stimulating demand and financing for second life markets and recovery, and mainstreaming circular economy practices by businesses, communities and local governments, underscoring the need for urgent action and collaboration. The event was held virtually, with a total of 20 sessions comprising  pledges towards plastic pollution prevention initiatives. 

Plastic Collective Founder, Louise Hardman, was a guest speaker for the event and spoke passionately about ocean plastic pollution, Net Zero Leakage, Net Circular Plastic, and Plastic Credits. Louise participated in sharing Plastic Collective’s vision to tackle plastic pollution through encouraging corporate plastic accounting and the use of Plastic Credits as a medium for extended producer responsibility programs. 

Above is the SEA of Solutions session, in which Louise Hardman was a guest speaker.

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