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Shruder Program delivered to Mantanani Island, Malaysia

Shruder Program delivered to Mantanani Island, Malaysia

We finally made it to Mantanani Island, 30km northwest of Sabah in Borneo. We are here to deliver our Shruder program for Reef Check Malaysia, sponsored by Coca-Cola.

The Mantanani Archipelago consists of 3 islands, the largest called Mantanani Besar (‘Big Mantanani’). The population consists of approximately 1000 Banjan Ubian locals living in 2 villages. The main economic activities here are fishing, drying salted fish and collecting shellfish.

Tourism is rapidly growing due to the popularity of the island as a snorkeling and diving destination. Currently the surrounding reefs are not gazetted as a Marine Park and the coral reefs are heavily impacted by fishing and fish bombing! Yes, that’s right, dynamite is used to blow up reefs to catch fish, an incredibly destructive practice that damages large areas of the reef around the island.

Thanks to the efforts of groups like Reef Check these practices are being phased out and the status of the coral reefs documented. Reef Check is a global network of marine scientists that survey and document coral reef health conditions, using indicator species and standardized global reporting. They work with government, private, NGO’s and community sectors for the benefit of protecting and enhancing global reefs for the future.
Their 2017 Malaysia Coral Reef report found that on Mantanani Island 42% of coral reefs are in good health, whilst the remaining 58% are considered only fair or poor.

Reef Check have been instrumental in setting up a small recycling facility on the island. Glass crushing, plastic bottle balers and now a plastic shredding and remoulding Shruder machine will help to ensure the reefs protection from plastic leakage and contribute to the long term health and recovery of the reefs.

We are very excited to meet the crew here and are looking forward to supporting a waste-free Mantanani Island and Resource Recovery program.

The Shruder Workshop is Coming to Les Village, Bali

The Shruder Workshop is Coming to Les Village, Bali

The Tempat Pembuangan Sampah Terpadu (TPST) or Waste Management Facility of Les Village is undergoing transformation into a village-scale plastic recycling and upcycling educational center. First comes the construction of a machine room that will house the Shruder, a plastic shredding and extruding machine. Up next are construction of the bale, a wooden platform for workshops and presentations, installation of water tower and piping, and renovation of TPST office.

This project is a collaboration between: Plastic Collective led by Louise Hardman who invented the Shruder and will lead in technical training and plastic/waste mgt education of village stakeholders. Earthwatch Australia who will lead in monitoring and research work in coordination with Prof. Steve Smith of National Marine Science Center. TK Maxx who provided the funding for the acquisition of the machines, training and product development, and monitoring and research work.

The Australian Embassy – Jakarta, Indonesia through the Direct Aid Program-Bali who provided the funding for the renovation of the TPST. Desa Les through BUMDES Segara Lestari who will own and operate the workshop. Sea Communities who partnered with BUMDES in bringing the program to Les and leads in community organizing and awareness raising and in creating and marketing education programs centered on the workshop.

Launching of the Shruder Workshop is set on February 21, 2019.

Double Island Point Cleanup & Demonstration

Double Island Point Cleanup & Demonstration

11th-13th May, 2018.  Hosted by Surfrider Sunshine Coast

Twice a year, Surfrider Sunshine coast host a beach cleanup on the remote Double Island Beach, north of Noosa.  This year they invited Plastic Collective to demonstrate the Shruder off-grid under a tent and on the sand. Louise demonstrates how the Shruder works and how people can create a closed loop economy by working with Collectors- Transformers-Creators.  200 people collected over 1.5 Tonnes of discarded plastic in 1 day! Awesome effort everyone!! Thanks Surfriders, Ocean Crusaders, Cleanwater Group and Piping Hot for your support.


Pilot Training with Ecobarge Clean Seas

Pilot Training with Ecobarge Clean Seas

Our first Shruder training days – Empower and Innovate – was held at Ecobarge Clean Seas newly renovated ‘Ocean Trash Recycling Shack’, Airlie Beach Whitsundays.

This inspiring and dedicated team, guided by Libby Edge and Fiona Broadbent, and their wonderful volunteers – remove trash from the stunning Whitsunday Islands in a barge.

To date Ecobarge crew have collected over 175 Tonnes in a few years.   They also operate a turtle rescue center, where over 80 marine turtles have been rescued so far.

On top of all this great work, they are also building an environmental education center for schools and groups to learn about plastic pollution and how to keep our wildlife and oceans safe.

The addition of the Shruder program will be incorporated as full circular economy model, where they can recycle their ocean waste as well as their own household materials.